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Ways to Make Parent Meeting Helpful Make comments in person If the conversation concerns the failure of the child, it is not enough to involve parents in this. The school should also come up with proposals to solve this problem. In no case should you go over to the identities of parents, children or colleagues. The teacher at the parent meeting fulfills his professional duties, and discussing, for example, a particular child, is not included in these duties. Tell your parents about important documents Any school has internal statutes and rules, documents that regulate various processes, for example, work with children who do not have time to study. If you know this, then parents will responsibly monitor school performance. When you say that there is a college essay editing service that can help a lot in learning, then parents will be able to connect and follow their child's studies. Thus, by following the rules, parents will be able to teach responsibility to their child. They are usually posted on the official websites of schools. Your task is to tell your parents about it. This will help to solve many questions: for example, what provisions did the student violate and what sanctions will follow? If the child has committed an illegal act, the school may invite a district police officer or connect a commission on juvenile affairs. Parents need to understand this. Speaking of sanctions, they should come, and not remain empty threats. If the school simply scares and does not back it up with actions, there will be no effect. The same documents contain the rights and obligations of teachers.Many parents for some reason believe that the school should educate their children. But the main mission of a teacher is not to educate, but to teach. And sometimes help in training? If the teacher sees that the student is unable to write a written work, then using can help him. But education is the prerogative of parents, it is enshrined at the legislative level. To protect their boundaries, the teacher needs to know them. In principle, the parent meeting is not the most comfortable part of the teacher's work. In a lesson with children, he is comfortable, but being in front of dozens of adults is a completely different situation. Sometimes dialogue with parents can be difficult and ineffective. Some parents believe that teachers are to blame for all the troubles of children, others simply do not cope with upbringing. But to avoid this, try to listen to your parents. As a result, if you see that parents do not have time to help their children in their studies, then give them is resume editing services and tell them the main aspects of learning assistance. To improve communication skills with parents, the school can organize trainings for teachers so that they feel more confident. Another tool for developing communication skills is Modum DS dialogue simulations.

Practice the skill It is not enough just to know how to conduct parent meetings or how to communicate with parents, it is important to be able to do it. For knowledge to take root, it needs to be turned into a skill. To develop and practice communication skills, there are Modum DS dialogue simulations.In conversational simulations, within a certain scenario, the user verbally interacts with virtual bots. Bots can react to every spoken phrase and maintain a dialogue. Thus, there is an imitation of a real life situation in which the user may find himself. The interactive simulation consists of two modes: learning and training. In the tutorial mode, the virtual mentor gives the user the theory they need to successfully complete the simulation. For example, a teacher may receive a brief instruction on how to conduct a parent-teacher meeting. Immediately after that, the teacher will have a chance to consolidate the information and, thanks to the mentor's hints or pop-up hints, work out a specific situation with the help of voice. In the training mode, the mentor no longer guides the user: the teacher will have to solve the task on his own using the dialogue. The only thing that a teacher can use is, for example, to peep the stages of a personal conversation with a parent. Focusing on this, he must construct the dialogue correctly. The simulation allows you to make several mistakes: if the user forgot something or missed an important step, the system will prompt the right direction to continue the conversation. After passing the simulation, the teacher will have access to analytics - he will be able to analyze all his actions

Dialogue simulation is able to simulate both a private one-on-one conversation and an entire parent meeting In the second case, the teacher will have a really difficult time: virtual parents will ask a bunch of questions, interrupt each other and demand answers. The teacher will be able to work out various situations - for example, delicately inform about the child's bad behavior or poor progress in such a way as to become an ally to the parent, not an enemy.

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