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How Writing Help Works?

1) Place your First Order for the Writers

For the first-time client, place your order details to be registred. Once you place your order details, you''ll be loged in automatically to your dashboard to complete your profile and order details.

Place your First Order for the Writers Place your First Order for the Writers

2) Publish a Subsequent Order

If you already have account with us, visit site and sign In and publish orders directly from your dashboard. While placing orders, always mention your deadline and ensure you leave yourself enough time for revewing completed orders..

Publish a Subsequent Order Publish a Subsequent Order

3) Load Money into your Wallet

Upon placing your order at studydaddy load money into your wallet to verify your payment details. The wallet system is very secure and you can place a withdrawal request at anytime you decide to cancel an order.

Load Money into your Wallet Load Money into your Wallet

4) Receive Bids from Qualified Writers Once your order goes live, you can start receiving bids from our qualified freelancers. Before accepting a bid, review the writers' rating, orders in progress, and the bid price. The higher the rating of a writer the more procient he/she is translating to a higher bid rate.

Receive Bids from Qualified Writers Receive Bids from Qualified Writers

5) Assign the Best Writer Although you can contact the support team to assist in hiring you the best writer for your subject from the list of bidders, you can also do this by yourself. Just review each applicant and assign the writer of your chioce.

Assign the Best Writer Assign the Best Writer

6) Reserve Money for the Project The system at will not assign the writer your project until you reserve money for it. Assuming you had already loaded money into your wallet (step 3 above), reserving money for the project should reduce your account balance. Please note that reserving money is "not paying the writer". The money is released to the writer once you accept the order.

Reserve Money for the Project Reserve Money for the Project

  • Fill in the Application Form

You will be asked and have to fill in the application form, where you will be asked to provide:

Personal Information

Contact Information

The list of disciplines you are proficient in

  • Pass Grammar Test You will have to pass grammar test, so that we could evaluate your knowledge of English grammar

  • Upload Your Writing Sample

You need to upload a work sample, so that we could assess your writing skills.

  • Wait For Feedback

Wait for the e-mail from our manager with the information regarding your application. You will definitely get a response within 14 business days; however, it usually doesn’t take that long and you may receive a feedback within the next 5-6 business days after you submit your writing sample.

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